Chinese teenager lowers himself down narrow well for six times to rescue trapped toddler

A heroic boy, aged just 14-years-old, hung upside-down while he lowered himself down a narrow and deep well six times to rescue a three-year-old girl trapped inside in central China.

The video, filmed in the city of Hebi in Henan Province on November 30, shows a fireman explaining the safety cautions to the teenager named Wang Minran before tying him upside-down using safety ropes and lowering him down into the well.

Wang was sent into the well six times and finally saved the girl successfully.

According to reports, Wang Minran is one fireman named Wang Qingjun's son. Because no firefighters can fit in the only 30-centimetre-wide well, Wang Qingjun decided to ask help from his son.

After four-hour rescue operation, the girl was taken out of the well and sent to hospital. Fortunately, she only suffered scratches.


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Location: China