Trumps getting impeached today, formerly under open investigation. Let’s give the dog a fake medal of honour.

Trump sailing towards his own fate of obstruction, perjury, and influence peddling for personal gain. Trump calls various decorated war heroes never trumper republican scum for being honest and troubled by the presidents rogue criminal behaviour, and coming forth to provide first hand knowledge of wrongdoing. The dog, Conan, yes trump divulged what was supposed to be secret, will come to Washington photo op. After all it’s a dog so it can’t testify against trump.
Matter of fact, can we just have dogs in the White House. Trump can’t trust people with ethics like decorated veterans, cia, fbi, anyone trump can’t personally hire with his amazing vetting ability.
Well happy kim jung launch another missile day and hello to the third emmergency rate drop while we crater to 1.9% growth, what happened to all that jet fuel, free tax monies for rich etc. When Obama had his lowest gdp growth of 1.9% trump said and I quote, The economy is in deep trouble? Wow trump was right, wrong president.


By: I could never say cunt (5765.30)

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