Russian military drone cut down a pine

Unmanned aerial vehicle "Orion" crashed during a test flight near Moscow. This was reported to TASS by the Senior Investigator for Particularly Important Cases of the Moscow Inter-District Transport Affairs (PICMIDTA) Mr Sergey Bubenev.

According to him, perhaps a drone was affected by a side wind.

The accident occurred in the village of Listvyanka at a distance of about 70 meters from an apartment building. No harm done. writes that during the fall, Orion cut down "half of the pine growing in the garden." “The crash occurred at the intersection of two paths, where locals often walk. Miraculously, no one died, ”an eyewitness told the publication.

As TASS reported on November 1, Orion was accepted by the Russia Aerospace Forces for military operation. Previously, these drones were tested in Syria, also a prototype of Orion was spotted in 2015 at the Ryazan Protasovo airfield.

Orion is the first Russian unmanned aerial vehicle.


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Location: Moscow, Russia