‘You just bashed my head against a f***ing window’: NSW Police under fire for brutal arrest video

NSW Police has found itself embroiled in yet another confronting arrest video, days after highway patrol officers were accused of “serious misconduct”.

The video, taken on November 2, 2016, showed two police officers removing the woman’s number plates after finding her vehicle was unregistered.

“We’re going to warn you again. If you swear once more, you will be arrested,” one of the officers tells the woman.

“Why don’t you go and pick up ice dealers and paedophiles?” the woman leans down and tells the officer removing her plates, before claiming she was unaware her vehicle was unregistered.

“That’s not our job,” the officer replies, warning her again to stop swearing.

As the officers finalise their conversation with the woman, she shuts the boot before heading back to the driver’s side.

The police car’s dashcam footage, obtained by the ABC, shows one of the officers walking back to the car before grabbing the woman and slamming her against the window.

“I told you again, if you swore again you’d be arrested,” he tells her.

As she struggles and tells him “I haven’t done anything wrong”, the arrest becomes more violent.

“You’ve dislocated my arm,” she screams. “My arm’s dislocated”.

“Well stop resisting,” the police officer replies.

“Are you for real? You just bashed my head against a f***ing window,” she screams.

“My arm’s been dislocated. Look at my f***ing arm.

“It’s hurting me … please take it off I’ve done nothing wrong … you just smashed my head.”


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