Rain or shine, Occupy City Hall protests continue under severe storms in New York City

New York citizens gathered in Union Square on Wednesday (July 22) for a march protesting the NYPD's destruction of the encampment “Occupy City Hall,” and in response to President Donald Trump threatening to send federal officers to the city.

Protesters survived thunderstorms throughout the day to make their voices heard as the Tri-State area encountered severe weather.

The filmer said: "As the rain let up on the protest, the crowd marched toward New York City Hall. When the protest approached City Hall, the NYPD suddenly put up barriers in an attempt to divide the protest in half. The majority of the protesters stayed together, although a few were stuck behind."

One protester showed up to the New York City Hall protest in a bubble.

As the protests left New York City Hall and continued marching through the streets, people held hands in the rain. One young woman had a brace on her leg and crutches in her hands.

The protest still continued at full strength and concluded at Washington Square Park three hours after it began.


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