New video shows deadly shot to back of Isiah Murrietta-Golding's head from Fresno police officer

Never-before-seen video of a Fresno police shooting involving a teen sheds light on an investigation and an upcoming court case.

"From the video, the officer just comes up, crouches down, and shoots," said legal analyst Tony Capozzi.

An officer shot and killed 16-year-old Isiah Murrietta-Golding as the teenager ran away from police investigating a shooting death a day earlier in April 2017. Police say the officer believed the boy might be armed, but it turned out he was not.

"Isiah and his brother were considered possible or probable suspects," said plaintiff's attorney Stuart Chandler, who represents the boy's father. "There was not a warrant for their arrest. There was no conduct by Isiah that day to ever show that he had a gun - because, of course, he didn't."

Murrietta never stood up again after the gunshot hit him in the back of the head.

Police had tried to detain the 16-year-old a few minutes earlier in a shopping center parking lot near Shaw and Fresno.

"Backwards," you can hear an officer order him in body camera footage. "Towards my voice. Down on your knees."

Then, the footage shows Murrietta running away and an officer following. You can't see the chase end on the video, but you can hear it.



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