Show-off motorcycle rider crashes while pulling wheelie at junction

A show-off motorcycle rider fell tried to pull a wheelie at a junction - only to fall on his backside.

The man was pulling away from the queue of traffic when he lifted the front wheel in the air in front of startled drivers.

However, he lost control and toppled over backward, desperately clinging onto the bike as it flew away from him.

Motorist Tanaphol Orning recorded the road fail in Bangkok, central Thailand, on September 10

Tanaphol, who was driving back home with his wife, screamed with shock as he was afraid that he would hit the losing control rider.

Luckily the biker, who appeared to be working as a taxi motorcycle rider, was unhurt in the scrape.

Tanaphol said: "I had no idea why the rider would do that, he might have wanted to show-off or just accidentally sped up his motorcycle. I hope he learns his lesson and doesn't do it again.''


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