Putin and Medvedev were caught AGAIN in a propaganda shoot with “random workers”

Russian people used to laugh at photos and videos of visits by Russian leaders Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev to "the people". Some observant internet users provided photo evidence of the not-so-random identity of “the people.”

The network is full of pictures of various events of Putin and Medvedev in which the Russian president and his friend, are in the company of allegedly ordinary Russian citizens. However, we can see that each time, on the photo, the same faces appear: a blond woman, a mustached man, an almost bald man, and another one with a typical “people's” face.

“Putin perceives the people as special services. In the photo - "population" from the FSB-KGB. EVERYTHING is false. That's it, ”said Sasha Sotnik, posting photos.

These "campaigns among the people" caused stormy comments on social networks. Users laugh at how naturally the mentioned people play the roles of fishermen and parishioners in the church - depending on where Putin will once again go - for fishing, to church, or to another place.

"Common people. Shame! ", "All the world's a stage, and the people in it are merely players"," Whack! and on the fabulous night of Christmas, the parishioners turn ... turn into ...fishermen in the other part of the country", "So, they will not come close to mere mortals, not even by a hundred meters", "These fakes and all their tea parties and meetings are imitation, staging, ” - users write.

Let's recall, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin again met with Novgorod fishermen. It happened in Veliky Novgorod after the Christmas service.



By: Xyecoc (1601.68)

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Location: Novgorod, Russia