Man escapes courtroom cage day after killing his sister

Muscovite Leonid Grayser, 18, who brutally killed his sister during a ritual, tried to escape from custody right in front of the police, he got out of the cage in the hall of the Shcherbinsky court and crawled under the ceiling.

The young man pulled up on his hands and got out of the cage, then broke through the ceiling and climbed there. The bailiffs rushed to apprehend him, but it was not immediately possible - force was used. During the operation, the suspect lost some of his clothes.

Yesterday in Moscow, the 18-year-old man tried to "banish demons" from his 21-year-old sister and killed her. Drugs were then found in the apartment."

Happened in Russia / Dec 10, 2019


By: plakka (2409.40)

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