There Are 3 Separate Official Investigations Into DemocRats Russian Collusion Coup Attempt

Read it and weep libtards, "THREE SEPARATE FEDERAL INVESTIGATIONS" are currently ONGOING right now. HA!

My prediction is that we will see unprecedented indictments handed out to former high ranking democratic Obama administration officials and possibly even Obama himself, just as unprecedented as the whole situation is to begin with. This must be dealt with in a way where it never happens in America again. Huge punishments need to be handed out if these bastards are guilty. This is very serious, and the reason most people don't grasp the seriousness of what is taking place right now is because the libtards have the vast majority control of mass media, and they are not reporting much on this at all, in fact most articles about this are done in a way of attacking AG Barr for investigating. Well, there are THREE ongoing investigations and here they are:

- Attorney Generals Office Investigation
- Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham and Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) have an investigation ongoing (congressional investigation)
- Inspector General Michael Horowitz is investigating

This is very serious because if these investigations find what many Trump supporters believe happened, then what America witnessed from 2016-2019 was an organized coup attempt against a duly-elected president by the previous administration, that criminally and corruptly used and abused the highest levels of law enforcement for political purposes in attacking their political opponent, and that is exactly what happens in corrupt 3rd world countries, and thus why those countries stay as 3rd world countries decade after decade. This is very serious, but because of the libtards open hatred for President Trump and his supporters, along with their control of main stream media, they have completely downplayed this massive situation that is currently unfolding right now.

This is so awesome now that the tables have turned. Look at these pathetic enemy democRats squirm now as their worst fears are starting to take shape right before their eyes lol.

Watch these democRat enemy rats start turning on each other like rabid criminals always end up doing lol. Yes!

Told ya so. Obama's legacy is about to become the worst of any president in history, including Nixon's, and libtards are about to be humiliated to their cores, and rightly so. Yes, end these enemy libtards without mercy.

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