Shocking moment British tourist punches terrified Thai man for accidentally 'knocking iPhone 11 from his hand'

This is the shocking moment a British tourist punched a Thai man who accidentally knocked his new iPhone 11 from his hand.

Footage from the underground train in Bangkok on Sunday (Jan 12) shows the Thai man bumped into the Brit.

The diminutive local apologised profusely but the Brit, in shorts and t-shirt, reacts furiously and was seen punching the Thai man in his face.

The British then followed the Thai man around the train while shouting angrily in an Estuary accent as terrified passengers fleed.

A yellow-shirted Thai passenger and a man who appeared to have been with the British traveller, tried to calm the situation and stop the violence from escalating.

Both men stand in between the Brit and his victim but he still managed to land a couple more blows on the Thai man's chin.

The victim then left the train at Hua Lamphong station to avoid the furious Westerner.

One of the passengers who filmed the clip said there the British man had overreacted.

He said: ''The Thai man bumped into the foreigner on the train and his iPhone fell down. He said sorry but the tourist was still very angry.

''People on the train were scared because he was very loud and aggressive.

''I can understand he was angry but trains and very busy and cramped. He should be more careful with his phone because it is his responsibility to keep it safe.''

Footage of the incident emerged online and sparked anger from locals who accused the British man of bullying for attacking the defenseless local.

They called for police to investigate the incident and check CCTV from the train and the stations to find the alleged attacker.


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