Airplane crash during airshow

Spectators gathered to watch performances at the National Motor Sports Championship in Guatemala, witnessed a plane crash. The event organizers decided to diversify the event with aviation shows that ended with the death of two people.

According to local media , last Sunday, March 10, the T-28 Trojan piston aircraft under the command of Rodrigo Ibarguen was running a flight program. During the execution of one of the elements, the pilot made a collision with a tree, almost hitting the rostrum with people, after which the aircraft crashed onto the road.

From his injuries, the pilot died. The second dead was the aviation mechanic Pablo Guillain, whom Ibarguen took with him on the flight.

It is known that Rodrigo Ibarguen was the founder of the G4 Team flight school and in the past already had accidents in his account in 2015 and 2017.

The prototype of the crashed aircraft North American T-28 Trojan first flew in 1949, mass-produced in the United States from 1950 to 1957. Used as a training aircraft and in anti-partisan operations.


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Location: Guatemala