Mask requirement escalates in the supermarket

In a supermarket in Troisdorf (NRW) there was a bloody clash between the police and two men who refused to wear protective masks. Two officers were seriously injured and are currently unable to serve. One of the mask refusers filmed the brutal deed and then posted the video on the Internet.

"He will defend himself - by all means"
Supermarket staff had asked a 35-year-old from Bonn and a 38-year-old from Troisdorf to put on a face mask. When the men steadfastly refused, a dispute broke out and the employees alerted the police. Two officers arrived, after which the 35-year-old put on a mask, his companion continued to refuse.

When the police wanted to record the personal data, the Bonn man disturbed him by "constant provocation and interim talks", the police said. "I am a human being, I do not need an ID card", the 38-year-old can be heard in the video. The other threatens: "Listen, he is a sovereign person and he will defend himself if they try to harm him somehow. By all means."


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