Dashcam footage catches officer saving DWI from running into traffic

Dashcam video shows a New Mexico State police officer saving the life of a suspected drunken driver who tried to run out into oncoming traffic earlier this month.

According to the police report, Emmett Harrison was pulled over for traveling 111 mph on I-25 on Nov. 1.

When the officer pulled Harrison over he noticed a strong smell of alcohol coming from his car and also noticed Harrison had bloodshot watery eyes, the report stated.

After completing a field sobriety test the officer said he placed Harrison under arrest on suspicion driving under the influence.

Dashcam video shows the officer patting down Harrison down just before the suspect tries to make a run for it, straight into oncoming traffic on I-25.

The officer grabs Harrison’s jacket pulling him back to safety, the video shows.

Harrison was arrested and taken into custody.

He is facing charges of aggravated DWI and speeding.


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