Suspected stolen vehicle suspect leads police on high-speed chase

Authorities are pursuing a suspect who is driving erratically through the South Los Angeles area, where the driver was seen reaching speeds over 70 mph on residential streets.

It was not immediately clear when or where the pursuit began Friday morning, however, Scott Reiff said AID7 HD began tracking the chase in the Monterey Park area, where the driver of the pickup truck jumped from the 10 Freeway to the 110 Freeway, reaching speeds up to 100 mph.

AIR7 HD was over the chase around 10:30 a.m. as the driver sped along residential streets, blowing through stop signs and quickly turning corners.

The driver, who appeared to have a female passenger in the vehicle, circled around the area of S. Central Avenue with at least three Los Angeles police cruiser following closely behind.
Authorities switched several times from tracking mode to an active pursuit.

At one point, a sedan driving on a street quickly got out of the way of the pickup truck as the driver came close to the vehicle's back bumper.

About 15 minutes later, the driver appeared to lose control of the truck, swerving in front of a police cruiser on a residential street before regaining control and continuing down the roadway.

The suspect, who climbed to speeds of 80 mph, skidded to a stop on S. San Pedro Street - just in time to avoid a spike strip deployed by officers near an intersection.

The dangerous pursuit continued onto the southbound 110 Freeway around 11 a.m.

Shortly after, the driver attempted to exit the freeway, spinning out and striking the exit sign before continuing northbound on the shoulder of the southbound lanes.

The truck narrowly missed several vehicles while driving against oncoming traffic before running head-on into a sedan. The suspect briefly paused before driving off of a freeway on-ramp.

The bizarre scene continued as a pedestrian appeared to run up to the vehicle and hand the passenger a bottle.

A driver, also in a pickup truck, appeared to attempt to box the driver in near E. Florence Avenue. Smoke began to emit from the back of the vehicle as the suspect rammed into the other truck before pushing the truck out of the way and continuing on to Florence.

Moments later, the back left tire blew. The driver continued on residential streets while driving on the rim at slower speeds.

The worn-down rim caught fire near S. Main Street, where the driver and passenger jumped out of the vehicle and were quickly taken into custody as multiple officers descended on the scene.




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