Fort Worth officer fired for shooting into fleeing Jeep

A Fort Worth probationary officer fired by the police chief for shooting at a Jeep whose driver tried to flee a traffic stop was caught on dash cam audio remarking that she was going to get in trouble and “I don’t know why I shot,” according to police documents.

In the audio, recorded April 7 after other officers had arrived on the scene of the shooting, former officer Lina Mino could be heard saying, “I’m gonna get in (expletive) trouble.”

When another officer asked why, Mino replied that she had shot into the side door and later remarked that she “shouldn’t have shot,” according to the audio, released through an open records request.

“I don’t know why I shot,” Mino is heard saying. “...I’m pissed off because I don’t know why I shot, it was so stupid of me to (expletive) shoot.”

Mino was fired by Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald on April 12, one day before she would have completed her one-year probationary period and received Civil Service protection, including the right to appeal. She was accused of violating the department’s use of force policy.

The Fort Worth Police Officers Association has criticized the chief for firing Mino just five days after the shooting.

Manny Ramirez, president of the association, has described the investigation into the shooting as rushed, flawed and incomplete, and says he believes the chief hurried to fire Mino to avoid an appeal.

Ramirez said Wednesday that he believes Mino’s remarks on the dash cam audio are indicative of an officer who knows and admits that she made a mistake.

“It doesn’t change the fact that we have accidental discharges every single month in this department and nobody gets terminated for it,” Ramirez said.


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