Air Traffic Audio - Kobe Bryant's Pilot

The last radio transmissions of the Sikorsky S-76B Helicopter (N72EX) while performing a flight from Santa Ana KSNA.

IFR = "Instrument Flight Rules" are in effect.
VFR = "Visual Flight Rules" are in effect.
The Helo is moving green symbol (easier to see on big screen).
They were "Held" in a hold pattern for 15 minutes due to traffic in/out of local airports.
I worked radar for 20 years (US Navy). This is sad, all around.
A local News report included:
"LA times reported LAPD grounded their helicopters until the afternoon due to fog."
A couple local residents said, "The fog here has been quite ugly," and, "There has been some WICKED fog in LA the past 3 days and nights. Some of the worst I've ever seen. I'm sure conditions were extremely difficult."


By: Homer Hart (9063.20)

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Location: California, USA