Passengers forced to exit Eurostar amid heatwave after train loses power near Brussels

Hundreds of passengers were forced to exit a Eurostar train after it lost power just south of Brussels, Belgium.

The footage, filmed by Esther today (July 24), shows the rescue train that arrived to transport the hot and bothered passengers.

Esther told Newsflare: "We are waiting in a tunnel 20 minutes from the south of Brussels. It’s hot, but not as hot as it was inside the train."

According to reports, the train on its way to London had lost power leading the airconditioning to stop working.

"We are in the rescue train now. We can take stuff from the bar like crisps and drinks for free," Esther added.

Further footage shows a train station in Brussels packed as tired passengers await further details about how they will be travelling.



By: NewsFlare (79257.00)

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Location: Brussels