Forest officials rescue terrified elephant calf from irrigation canal

Forrest officials on Saturday rescued a terrified baby elephant which fell into an irrigation canal and became trapped.

The calf was abandoned by its herd after it fell into the canal which draws water from Varattu Pallam Dam near Anthiyur town in the Erode District of Tamil Nadu.

The cement walls made it impossible for the poor animal to climb out.

Local villagers spotted the stranded calf, which was shrieking in terror.

Forest officials went to the spot and entered the canal with a few local volunteers.

The presence of the humans terrified the calf and it tried to attack them and then ran to the other side of the canal only to turn back after hitting the dead end.

But the rescue team managed the corner the calf and lift it out of the canal.

Officials have been feeding the young elephant and are now trying to reunite it with its herd.



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Location: India