Facebook down worldwide (this guy makes Hayden seem like an IT genius)

''Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are all experiencing issues this morning for users worldwide. Facebook and Instagram are both inaccessible, with news feeds refusing to refresh and the main Facebook.com domain unavailable. WhatsApp messages aren’t being sent or received, and users of Facebook’s main services have headed to Twitter to share that they’re having issues.

The outages appear to have started at around 6:30AM ET this morning, and come just a month after Facebook experienced its worst outage ever. Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram were all inaccessible for hours last month, and it wasn’t until over 24 hours later that Facebook finally gave the all clear. Facebook blamed a “server configuration change,” and apologized for the outages.''


These assholes probably got hacked for being such asshole hacks. Someone was like ''you wanna limit free speech well I limit you''


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