Jacob Wohl / Jack Burkman Presser on Whistleblower & Ukrainian Prosecutor

Right wing activists Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman held a press conference outside Burkman’s house claiming to identify the whistleblower who drew national attention to President Trump's call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy.

The call has prompted calls for impeachment from Speaker Pelosi, who believes it shows that President Trump asked for "dirt" on his opponent Joe Biden.

Biden allegedly pressured the Ukrainian government to fire Russian Prosecutor Viktor Shokin in relation to an investigation of his son, Hunter Biden.

Wohl claims he visited Ukraine and personally interviewed Shokin, only presenting an alleged transcript and flight ticket as evidence. He and Burkman claim that photographs exist of Wohl with Shokin, but no such images have yet been released.

Both claim they have the identity of the whistleblower and had intended to announce it at the press conference but that they were delaying release on request by the government. They set a deadline of Wednesday at noon for themselves to release it, adding that it may be released anyway.

They claim that two Democratic candidates - John Delaney and Bernie Sanders - have passed their "vetting process" and that Delaney went to Burkman's Arlington home to do so. Wohl suggested that polygraph testing could be an aspect of their future "investigations."

The pair has similarly presented several false stories before, and Wohl currently faces felony charges in an apparently unrelated securities case out of California.


By: WashingtonAndBeyond (912.30)

Tags: Ukraine, Whistleblower, Conspiracy

Location: Washington DC