Las Vegas police release body cam video of man who died in custody

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department held a press conference today to talk about an in-custody death on Sept. 5.

The incident began shortly before 6 a.m. near Bonanza Road and Martin Luther King Boulevard. Asst. Sheriff Charles Hank said that patrol officers from the Bolden Area Command came across a man who was riding a bicycle without a safety light.

When they attempted to stop him, he took off. The patrol officers began chasing him. Initially the man, who has been identified as Byron Lee Williams, was still on his bike but then he began trying to escape on foot.

The officers were eventually able to catch up with him and told the man to get on the ground. While being cuffed, Williams told the officers he couldn't breathe. The officers then found illicit drugs on Williams. As they were taking him to the patrol car, Williams appeared to pass out.

Officers called for assistance and the Las Vegas fire department arrived several minutes later. Medical personnel began treating Williams on the scene before transporting him to Valley Hospital. Williams was pronounced deceased at the hospital.

His family wants answers as to what happened while the cameras were off, why they were shut off in the first place and why no one helped Williams after he told them he couldn’t breathe.



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Location: Nevada