"Tons" of Illegal Aliens Voting In Texas Early Election

Voter Fraud On film. Polling "Workers" can't stress how important it is that the "DACA" recipient in the Project Veritas "Come on in" and vote because they have "tons of them" already in early voting.
There are 27,000,000 illegal aliens residing in the United States.
•$397,446,000,000 Was spent on the cost of social services since 1996.
•15,339,869 Is the number of skilled Jobs provided to illegal aliens.
•955,200 Is the number of illegal alien fugitives in the United States.
•613,755 Illegal aliens are currently incarcerated.
•$22,288,000,000 Has been the cost of incarcerations since 2008.
•4,861,515 Is the number of Anchor Babies born since 2002.
•7,395,195 Children of illegal aliens are in public schools.
•$156,388,000,000 Spent on Illegal aliens in K-12 Since 1996.


By: Animal Control (613.90)

Tags: Politics

Location: Texas

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