Project Veritas "Trump Situation" Backup - Youtube yanked the vid off their site!

This is a backup of the vid Project Veritas posted earlier today. It has now been pulled off youtube.

It is up to us to spread this far and wide. Post it on facebook, everywhere. Link to it in comments. Make sure this makes it's way around the world so everyone knows that Google's plan is to control not only what you read and see, but to actually interfere with the election process. I hope these fascist are brought up on charges. The libs wanted their DOJ investigation on those who acted to interfere with the election. Now they'll hopefully get theirs right in the ass.

Also, write to Trump and tell him you want a full DOJ investigation into Google/Alphabet/Youtube as this is the proof of what we all know to be true: that they, along with the dogs at youtube are seeking to censor people they don't like and conspire to affect the election process.

Let him know Google, Facebook, Youtube and all Big Tech firms need nothing less than a full investigation into violations of not only violations of anti-trust laws, but election meddling.


By: BobWhiteAtNight (7266.40)

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