Two pups miraculously survive after falling into 70-foot well in India

Two puppies miraculously survive after falling into a 70-feet-deep irrigation well while playing.

The incident occurred on June 25, beside a sugarcane farm near Pune, western India, where the puppies and their mother live.

After receiving a call from the farm owner, animal rescuer Saidas Kusal and his team rushed to the farm, which was 35 kilometres away, to rescue the animals.

Both puppies had swum to the edge and taken shelter inside a crack in the well. Although both managed to keep their head above water initially, one of them was losing its grip and had begun to drown.

Saidas was lowered down the well quickly using a harness and rescued the first puppy he could grab.

Terrified, the other pup hid deep inside the rock, before Saidas pulled it out carefully.

The rescue team revived both the pups, which were exhausted, but did not need any medical attention. As soon as they were released, the puppies ran to their mother, who was anxiously keeping watch from a distance.



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