One man taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries after officer-involved shooting

El Paso police are investigating an officer-involved shooting in far east El Paso near Rich Beem Blvd. and Pebble Hills Blvd.

Officer Enrique Carrillo with the El Paso Police Department said officers responded to reports of a man in his 20s or 30s standing in the median of the road with a handgun.

arrillo said officers arrived and asked the man to stand down.

The man ignored commands from responding officers, raised the gun towards the officers and was shot, according to Carrillo.

Carrillo said the man was taken to a hospital with life-threatening injuries.

"They told him drop his gun, drop your gun, they told him numerous times. He just didn’t comply with their commands," said Richard Gonzales who witnessed the incident. "When the gunman actually raised his hand, that’s when they opened fire."

"Being so close in proximity to the high school, I was like who’s to say he won’t walk to the high school and open fire on somebody," said Gonzales.

"My kid is in the car, you’re scared to go anywhere now. It’s very scary now," said Sandra Flores. "My daughter, my six year old daughter just asked me a question: why is this happening in El Paso? Everybody’s shooting in El Paso."

Two officers are on paid administrative leave which is standard in these types of incidents.


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