Literary Genius James Joyce's XXX "Dirty Letters" to his read by FBI Agent Prentice of "Criminal Minds"..?? wtl

James Joyce was an Irish writer in the early 20th century, and his modernist novels like Ulysses and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man are often cited as some of the best literary works of all time.
James Joyce and Nora Barnacle met on the streets of Dublin in 1904. Joyce was immediately struck by Barnacle, or at least what he could see of her since he was famously near-sighted and wasn’t wearing his glasses at the time. Joyce asked Barnacle on a date, only to be stood up.
Long Story short, married her, had kids and continued a physical sexual relationship...and he wrote several letters to her about it.
The backstory of these letters (and some Joyce history) here >>>>




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