Man Fatally Shot in the Back While Drinking with Friends

Marcel Costa Hernandes Colombo, 31, was murdered while drinking with his friends at Cachaçaria Brasil, on Avenida Fernando Correa da Costa, in the Campo Grande Center, at dawn on Thursday (18) . A friend of his, Tiago do Nascimento Bento, 18, was also injured.

According to an incident report, Marcel was sitting at one of the tables at the shop, accompanied by James and another man, when the shooter got off a motorcycle and without taking off his helmet, fired at least twice on the victim's back.

According to police, the author arrived and parked behind Marcel's vehicle. After the crime, he returned to the motorcycle and fled turning in the first street on the right, to Jose Maria. Every action was filmed by the security cameras of the cachaçaria.

The victim's father told delegate Enilton Pires Zalla that the two boys who were with Marcel at the bar worked with him. The colleague of the victim who was not injured fled shortly after the shots.

The case was registered in the Depac (Police Department of Community Care) of the Center.

Case - The victim was known as "Playboy of the Mansion" for high-profile house parties and for mocking the reporting team after being detained by the (Military Police) in 2016 showing a cash amount in his pocket.

Marcel was the target of Operation Harpocrates, carried out by the PF (Federal Police) on December 21. The suit investigated the sale of imported products without payment of taxes - crime of misplacement. The complaint against Marcel was partially upheld. He was convicted of misdemeanor and illegal possession of a firearm.

In return, he was acquitted for lack of evidence of counterfeit and counterfeit crimes. He had the prison revoked on April 27 of this year. The federal police action had no arrest warrants, but the businessman was arrested in the act after the PF found $ 2,000 in counterfeit notes, two guns (a pressure pistol and a 635-caliber revolver), and anabolics stored in his home in the Carandá Forest neighborhood. The arrest was later converted into a preventive measure.



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