Sanctions? See Nord Stream 2 pipe-laying in Baltic waters

Pipe-laying vessel Solitaire and its crew were on action laying the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline on Wednesday in the Russian territorial waters of the Baltic Sea.

The pipes, each of them 12-metre (39 feet) long, 24-tonne concrete weight coated steel pipes, are first welded together on board the Solitaire, inspected, and then lowered down to the seabed from the back of the ship.

The Solitaire started constructing the Russian part of the pipeline in the beginning of May. According to the Nord Stream 2 project, the Solitaire has a team of 420 people who work around the clock seven days a week on the project.

Over 1,100 kilometres (680 miles) of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline have been laid in total so far, according to Nord Stream 2 AG.

The pipeline is expected to be finished later this year, with the total length being 1,225 kilometres (760 miles). The Nord Stream 2 is supposed to increase the amount of gas going under the Baltic Sea to 55 billion cubic metres per year.

The €11 billion ($12.3bn) pipeline project is financed by Russia’s Gazprom alongside Germany’s Uniper and BASF, Anglo-Dutch firm Shell, Austria’s OMV and France’s Engie.


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Location: Kan. Belomoro-Baltiyskiy, Republic of Karelia, Russia, 186326