Guy Fight Young Kid In Shop For Not Wearing COVID Mask

A hells angel gang member walks into a liquor store and finds a young kid not wearing a COVID mask during the 3rd Lockdown in the United Kingdom. He confronts the young kid to ask why he is not wearing a mask and informs him that he has asthma! The hells angel does not believe him and punches him in the face and grabs him by the throat.

The hells angel then continues his purchase in the liquor purchasing 8 cans of Stella Artois lager, which is ironically known as 'wife beater material' in the U.K. He comes back a few minutes to the store with a baseball bat as the young kid and his friend go hunting for him but did not find him!


By: rstores (9.00)

Tags: hells angel, gang, covid, corona, mask, police, thief, wtf, punch, fight, liquor, store, robber, suspect, escape

Location: Durham, United Kingdom