The bus without brakes flew through a group of pedestrians and did not hurt anyone

In the Ukrainian Kamensky today on the descent at the bus failed brakes. The bus swept along Svoboda Avenue, jumped out, trying to avoid colliding with other traffic participants, on the tram tracks of the opposite direction and almost crushed several pedestrians coming from the stop.

People showed an enviable reaction: the girl managed to run across, the man stopped, and the mother with the child jumped away, having missed the sure death in a few centimeters. The crowded bus, swaying dangerously, flew at breakneck speed through a group of pedestrians and did not hurt anyone.

The descent was over, and after a hundred meters the bus stopped. As a result of the incident, no one was hurt, and eyewitnesses call it a real miracle.



By: ThisIsButter (42064.00)

Tags: bus without brakes, vehicles, lucky pedestrians

Location: Kamensky