Scuba diver finds octopus stuck inside his rubber boot and cuts it free

A scuba diver had a squidgy surprise after finding a huge octopus stuck in his rubber boots.

Evgeny Zinoviev was foraging by the rocky part of the beach in Russia after diving when the eight-limbed mollusk climbed inside his left shoe.

The diver immediately took his knife and carefully cut parts of the rubber boot so the marine animal will not be harmed.

Evgeny said: "I enjoy collecting random objects in the water during diving trips but when I came back to take my clothes and boots, I found the octopus inside."

The octopus was sucking and burying itself deeping in the boot out of fear so Evgeny had to pull its suckers off the rubber.

He eventually freed the octopus from the boot unharmed and released it back into the water.

Evgeny added: ''The octopus wasn't hurt. I had to be very careful with the knife.''

Octopuses are sea animals known for their rounded bodies, bulging eyes, and eight long arms. They live in all the world's oceans but are found mostly in warm, tropical waters.


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