Emma Barnett accuse Ann Widdecombe of white privilege

BBC brings the hypocrisy to a new level: The hearing of Ann Widdecombe from Brexit Party before "the Sanhedrin", I mean BBC Newsnight:

“It is total white privilege on your part to use the word oppression in such an easy, cavalier manner.”

Accusing white people of "white privilege" is taking them responsible for the actions of their ancestors. Imagine if we do the same with Emma Barnett:

The concept of slavery has perhaps had a special resonance for Barnett since her mother and father were convicted of running a brothel and living off immoral earnings. Not just voluntary prostitution, either, but trafficked women, deceived and trapped into sexual slavery.

Ian Barnett, 59, had made a fortune from running a string of brothels. He and his wife Michelle, 58, were said to have earned £6.2million from the chain of sex parlours. Ian Barnett, who lived in a £500,000 house in Prestwich with his wife Michelle, admitted keeping a string of brothels in 2008. Barnett was given a three-year sentence in 2008 for keeping four brothels in and around Manchester with names such as Dolly Mixtures, Foreign Touch and Angels. He also pleaded guilty to controlling the prostitution of a woman who was trafficked into this country from Lithuania by an Albanian crime gang who promised her a job as a cleaner. The trial judge branded him an ‘evil, immoral man’, saying he had conducted his ‘vile trade’ on a ‘breathtaking scale’. Photographs of some of the women Ian Barnett had taken to post on a website advertising the brothels had also been taken in the lounge and piano room of the family home. POLICE FOUND EMAILS BETWEEN Mr BARNETT AND HIS DAUGHTER EMMA, TALKING ABOUT HIS WHORES.

Let's resume: The parents of the 'journalist' Ian and Michelle were sex slave owners AND SHE WAS AWARE OF IT.

Yes, they are the parents of Emma Barnett:

So the BBC a the family member of convicted sex traffickers. But since BBC's pedophilia scandal Jimmy Savile it's not really surprising.



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