Coal barge Drifts and Sinks 4 Small Fishing Boats, Indonesia - November 24, 2020

"A video clip shows a coal barge crashing into a fishing boat in Liang Ilir Village, Kota Bangun District, Kutai Kertanegara Regency, East Kalimantan, on Tuesday (11/24/2020). Kapolsek Kota Bangun Iptu Puji Santoso said that this incident started when two coal barges pulled by a tugboat faced each other at around 14.00 WITA. "One pontoon from the downstream direction, empty without cargo. One of them from upstream brought coal. Due to the small river, the two pontoon (barge) are close together. The two pontoon bodies rub together, ”he said when contacted by , Tuesday (11/24/2020). At the same time the barge without a load of coal was dragged and grazed the fishing boats parked at the fish auction dock in the village.The barge was seen grazing the small boats that were parked on the dock. As a result of this incident, said Puji, four fishing boats sank along with their engines."


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Location: Indonesia