Macro Video of Marine life in Southern California. Fish, shrimp, slugs, and even an egg.

Went back to that rickety old pier to shoots some more fish and snails. There's always a whole mess of cool stuff down there. Pigeons roost all up and down that pier so there,s eggs all over the sea floor. I one open at 2:48.

All in all I love diving on man made structures. They host such a different ecosystem than natural surrounding reefs and sometimes even more productive than just sandy flats that would otherwise be present.

Some of the shots are just from tide pools locally. You can tell by the differences in water movement. then some are shots from surrounding kelp forests. Its just fun to explore now that the waters getting warmer now in the summer. I'm really trying to work on my nature videography and camerawork. Any tips or suggestions welcome.

Except I could care less if you hate the music. I like my weird taste in lofi sampled garbage and proud of it. Also doubt there could be something better in tune with underwater video.

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Location: Southern California