5 Homeless Camps, 1 Small Corner, Manchester, New Hampshire USA

China allegedly has no birds anywhere to be found in any major city. Those who have dogs clean up after them. I had a salad, and 2 brew pub custom beers, $45 with tip, not far where I had to watch out stepping on homeless turds on sidewalks. WTF

The wood near school parking lots, under bridges, there are homeless camps everywhere. They get porta potties, trash barrels set up, and cops are hanging out in cars getting gaggles of big loot for overtime.

I assume after the “election” all they homeless out in the cold won’t matter. There are 500,000 important people, in their own minds, who want average people like me to be homeless, or re-education camp ... soon ... too.

I am living each day like it is my last. Looking around, it won’t be long.


By: SvenVonErick (1779.12)

Tags: WTF, liveleakers, homless

Location: Manchester, NH