Man steals distracted shopper's firearm from his back pocket

A man caught on surveillance camera snatching a gun from a shopper at a convenience store in Detroit and then aiming a different weapon at him before fleeing has been arrested for shooting another man in a separate incident.
CCTV video released by the Detroit Police Department shows a suspect in a red hooded sweatshirt entering a convenience store at the BP gas station at West Seven Mile Road and Wyoming Avenue on January 28.
The suspect notices a 53-year-old man standing at a nearby counter with his back turned while speaking to the cashier. Within seconds, the suspect grabs a gun from the man’s pocket.
The man appears to take a few steps toward the suspect, who then points a different gun at the man’s face.
The suspect, who appears to be with an accomplice who held the door open, darts out of the convenience store and into a black Pontiac G6 with no license plate.
On February 12, Marcus Brown was charged in connection with a shooting that left a 19-year-old man critically wounded at a different gas station on January 27.


By: VagabundoR1 (11670.26)

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Location: Detroit, USA