Pedestrian runs a red light and causes a accident

On the morning of last Sunday, October 6, a serious traffic accident occurred on Arsenalnaya Embankment in St. Petersburg, which fell into the lens of an eyewitness registrar.

The man tried to cross the roadway along the "zebra", moving to a traffic signal prohibiting signal.

The author of the video, who was driving the vehicle from which the shooting was conducted, slowed down and tried to attract the attention of the intruder with a sound signal, but was not heard.

A pedestrian managed to cross two lanes of three, after which he was hit by a Niva car.

The man was thrown aside, and the SUV crashed into a fence and rolled over. The car flew off the sidewalk, demolished the advertising structure and returned to four wheels.



By: ThisIsButter (36378.10)

Tags: vehicles, accident, pedestrian hit

Location: St. Petersburg