The Transfer of Power

The Transfer of Power

music by Alex Mason

Yamiche Alcindor
Mark Sheilds

The Democratic candidate narrowly defeats the incumbent. The President accuses the press, the media, of lying. The President defiantly claims his loss is fake news. He appeals to his base defying an order to vacate the White House. He encourages violence among hate groups. In every city, in every state, protests erupt. The National Guard is called out by the, still in power, President. The military and Capitol Police are given 2 standing orders, one by the newly elected President, to restore order and protect the constitutional transfer of power, the other by the former President who will not abdicate his throne. Who will the military serve? Are we a democracy or are we a totalitarian state?

"Well, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord. But you're gonna have to serve somebody."
Bob Dylan

And to the 35 or so "Public Servants" who would choose career over country, history will be the judge of you one day.


By: Joe Pisciotta (225.10)

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