Chinese hospital adopts high-tech "finger vein" payment method

Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital became the first hospital in China to adopt the 'finger vein' payment method.

In the video, a patient puts one of his fingers onto a scanner to let the infrared camera inside obtain images of his intravenous veins and complete the payment at a consulting room.

This second-generation biological recognition technology made the payment process efficient and secure.

The technology caused a heated debate among netizens. One netizen said: "Tech is used to make people's lives more convenient. Support it!“

However, some people had different opinions. One said: "The staff at registration rooms will have time for snacks but doctors will need to work overtime."

Another one commented: "What's the meaning of it? Is it not quick to just scan fingerprints or faces?"


By: NewsFlare (62850.00)

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Location: China