15-year-old on 4-wheeler leads police on chase

A 15-year-old on a 4-wheeler is in custody after leading authorities on a chase on the Eastex Freeway Thursday morning.

Police tell us it all started when an officer noticed the teen driving down a street and they tried to pull him over.

They then chased him to Homestead, but that's where they lost him.
Harris County sheriff's deputies caught up with him on Lauder Road and then went over to the freeway in the northbound lanes, where the teen was spotted on Houston Transtar cameras traveling past FM 1960 and then Townsen.

Officers held back traffic while they followed him. At one point, a DPS trooper joined in and was right on his tail.

The pursuit eventually ended at Hammond when the driver stopped. Deputies took him over to the Tractor Supply Co. to get the 4-wheeler off the freeway and took him into custody.

The 15-year-old is being questioned. The district attorney's juvenile division will be contacted to determine what charges could be filed and whether he'll be released to his parents.


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