Passengers make miraculous escape after their car is swept away by flash floods in southern India

In an extraordinary escape, two passengers made it out of their car in time after their vehicle was washed away while attempting to cross a causeway in southern India’s Andhra Pradesh.

The incident took place on July 30 in Gooty in Anantapur district.

According to reports, the duo identified as Rakesh and Yousuf, were making their way from Kadapa to Bijapur in their Toyota Etios, while following a bus across the causeway overflowing with floodwater.

In video filmed by a local man from Anantapur district who wishes to remain anonymous, the car can be seen attempting to cross over the swamped path behind a bus, failing miserably as it gets washed away with the heavy currents.

However, in about 100 metres, locals managed to rescue the duo from the shallow water.

Torrential rains were reported in the region for two days prior to the incident, which led to streams of water flooding the causeway.


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