Protests continue as DC Venezuelan Embassy Occupied

Protests continued on both sides Friday as the "Embassy Protection Collective" entered its second day without electricity in the Venezuelan Embassy.

The group has been occupying the embassy for weeks, refusing to release it to representatives of Juan Guaidó, who the Trump Administration recognizes as the president of Venezuela.

The group says that Maduro is still the rightful president of Venezuela - whether they support him or not - because he was the last president elected by the population. Guaidó - they believe - was led into what power he has by the United States.

The Democratic Socialists of America DC chapter held an action in support of the occupation Friday evening, featuring chants like "no coup for oil!"

One member, Chip Gibbons, explained to News2Share that the DSA is a big tent organization, and that while feelings on Maduro himself may be mixed, the organization's uniting belief is that the United States shouldn't be intervening in the matter.


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