Goose flies alongside owner while he rides bike in Ohio

This is the incredible moment a goose was seen flying beside his owner while riding a bicycle.

The duo were spotted by a police officer patrolling a parkway along Edgedale Road in Pepper Pike, Ohio on October 11.

The officer said that they first noticed the man walking with a bike while a goose was following behind.

However, when the man rode his bike, the goose started flapping its wings and took flight until they reached the end of the road.

The police officer said: "A goose is a strange pet, but it was smart and understands the owner. They looked like they were enjoying their time.

"I heard him call it Goostav while they were running round the park. It only follows him wherever he goes."

He added that the goose was probably rescued as a birdling and has grown to be a house pet who follows the man around.

Geese are mostly used as livestock in many regions, but they make good pets.

They are great at keeping the grass short and weeding aside from being good guard geese. They will warn you of intruders by honking, but they will not usually attack them.


By: NewsFlare (94008.00)

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