Intoxicated Drunk Driver Causes Major Accident On Highway

Hey guys, first post here. I saw this guy going in out of lanes for miles and pulled up next to him and sure enough he was nodding out behind the wheel. I immediately called it in to the police and oddly enough my gut told me I should record this guy in case anything happened. About 5 minutes later the guy crashes into the side of the black SUV causing his Jeep to flip multiple times hitting two other cars. I pull over and go up to the accident after I stop recording and the guy to my amazement is asking everyone if they saw HIM get hit by the black SUV... this guy was so wasted he was convinced he was the one who was hit! I thought I'd show the world what happens when you drive drunk or intoxicated because it's never worth it. People can wind up seriously hurt and injured, or worse. I did everything I could to prevent this accident from happening aside from putting my own life on the line and stopping the guy with my 4Runner. Forgive my obnoxious swearing and screaming of, "Oh my god" multiple times, I was in the heat of the moment shock-wise. Thankfully no one was hurt, including the intoxicated driver of the Jeep. Removed the ability to comment since you children can’t keep your composure.


By: deeznutz23 (5.10)

Tags: Drunk, crash, crazy, idiot, keep, smashes, flipped, rollover, rolled, vehicles, accident

Location: Chicago, Illinois