Ex head of DPR air-defense unit kidnapped and accused of MH17 shootdown

Press conference of Human Rights Ombudsman in Donetsk Republic and Maria Tsemach, July 10th.

"Lawyer sent me by email photos of my father where one can see very clearly serious injury on the left side of his forehead and two injection marks on his left forearm."
On June 27th, 2019 Security Service of Ukraine kidnapped from the territory of Donetsk Republic former head of DPR air defense unit Vladimir Tsemach, as well as other four men whose names aren't disclosed yet.

Maria Tsemach, daughter of the kidnapped DPR citizen told at the press conference how her father was illegaly brough to Ukraine and is held now at the detention center in Kiev.
There is enough evidence that on the day of MH17 crash Vladimir Tsemach wasn't even present in Snezhnoye and couldn't be involved in this tragedy.
However, Mr Tsemach's daugher told to "Donbass Rose" channel that there is a good chance that her father will be forced to give false testimony confirming his involvement with MH17 crash, since Ukrainian Security Service is often using psychological pressure and psychotropic medications.


Por: Donbass Rose (376.30)

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