Bodycam Video Shows Suspect Get Shot After Charging Police With Knife

The San Rafael Police Department has released video footage of a confrontation where an officer shot a suspect last year.

The suspect, Faramarz Aghazadeh, was sentenced last month for charges stemming from the incident. Investigators found no wrongdoing on the part of the officer, Kevin MacDougald.

The confrontation happened last August in the Canal area, where police were handling an unrelated traffic collision call. Aghazadeh, behaving erratically, approached police with a knife in one hand and a pair of scissors or shears in the other.

A standoff ensued with San Rafael police and sheriff’s deputies. After about 30 minutes, Aghazadeh, a former competitive bodybuilder, advanced on officers, prompting a deputy to fire the nonlethal rounds.

Aghazadeh charged on a deputy, swinging his weapons. MacDougald shot and wounded Aghazadeh to protect the deputy from getting stabbed, investigators said.

Police sought an attempted murder charge against Aghazadeh. In April, he accepted a plea deal and admitted to assault against an officer and obstructing or resisting officers.

Aghazadeh, 49, was sentenced last month to three years and eight months in prison. The sentence includes time for a 2017 vehicle theft case in which Aghazadeh had been granted probation.


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