Alcohol found in blood of a 6 y.o. run over by a Russian police officer

In the Kirov region, experts found alcohol in the blood of a child who was fatally run over by a police officer. This is stated in the conclusions of the examination, published on Tuesday, October 15, on the website of the Moscow Talking radio station.

A fatal accident occurred on July 13. Six-year-old Vanya from the village of Buyskoye, Urzhumsky District, rode a bicycle and fell under a wheel of Nissan, which was driven by a police officer. Doctors failed to save the child; he died at the scene from injuries.

Relatives of the child complain that for three months since the accident, the culprit was not detained. A month after the accident, they were shown the results of a forensic examination, which found 0.51 ppm ethanol in the boy’s blood.

The regional office of the Investigative Committee noted that a criminal case has been initiated on the fact of the accident, the investigation is ongoing. Additional examinations are carried out.

The prosecutor's office of the Urzhum district told reporters that the materials of the criminal case represent the secret of the investigation, therefore, only the boy’s parents are shown it in detail. He called the "hype" raising around the incident "unfounded".

A similar story occurred in 2017 in Balashikha near Moscow and caused a public outcry about the death of another “drunken boy”.


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Location: Kirov, Russia