Chef shows how to remove coconut meat and water in one piece

A chef shows how to quickly remove the hard shell from a coconut before serving up the delicious flesh and water.

After peeling away the green coating, the man uses a knife to cut a small strip around the circumference of the shell.

The top can be easily removed and the inner part gently prised out from the bottom part of the shell. The white meat on the inside then drops out like a ball, still intact. Inside the white section is the juicy coconut water, which can then be drunk with a straw.

Footage was recorded at a shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand, where the chef has a market stall selling the fresh coconuts for 80 baht (around 2.50 US dollars).

The chef said: ''Many people just drink the water from inside coconuts but the fruity part is also delicious. Using this easy method, people can get all of the fresh coconut water and the meat from inside.''


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