Latin America continues to be the world epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic

The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that COVID-19 infections increased by 5% worldwide during the past week, while deaths decreased by 2%. According to information from the organization, Latin America continues to be the region most affected by the pandemic.

The official data of the WHO refer that worldwide there are already 29,584,330 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 935,228 deaths, but the trends remain unstable in most of the countries.

In the American continent, the accumulated cases total 14,193,356, but if only Latin America is taken into account, it turns out that there are 7,838,487, well above the 4.8 million registered in Southeast Asia, the 4.5 million in Europe, just over a million in Africa and half a million in the Western Pacific.

The Latin American country with the most negative data is Brazil since it reports 4,380,000 cases and 133,000 deaths.

With these data, the country governed by Jair Bolsonaro is only surpassed by the United States and India on a global scale. Then, in fifth place, is Peru, with 738,020 cases and 30,927 deaths.

Colombia follows, with 728,590 infections and 23,288 fatalities, while Mexico is in eighth place, with 676,487 confirmed cases and 71,678 deaths. In the tenth seat worldwide in Argentina, with 577,325 positives and 11,852 deaths.

This means that, among the 10 countries with the most negative indicators of the pandemic, five are Latin American: Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, and Argentina.


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